Oregon Coast Photography

I was born on the Oregon Coast, and grew up enjoying all that the picturesque area offers. From the amazing rocky coastline and forested hiking trails, I love creatively capturing the stunning landscape. But even better is making connections with couples and families spending time together enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

Loving the ocean is a way of life, from enjoying a beautiful sunset to embracing a good storm. Lifestyle photography captures the natural interactions and beauty that occur in daily life, everything from families building sandcastles or enjoy a beach picnic together.  

Let's explore some unique coastline areas where the wetlands meet the sea! 

Oregon Coast Family & Couples Photographer

The Oregon Coast has beautiful coastal lines, rocky beaches, and beautiful cliff areas that are picturesque for portraits. There are also lovely scenic hiking trails that make for gorgeous colorful and artistic imagery. Feel free to choose a preferred location for your session or ask for suggestions based on backdrop preferences, and preferred session style.

What are landscape or backdrop options for my Oregon Coast session?

 The Oregon Coast is an amazing location to capture romantic moments for engagements and elopements enjoying the remoteness away from everyday life. Snuggle up under a blanket, walk along the romantic coastline, and enjoy the peace and sound of the waves together. I eloped myself on the Oregon Coast and it was the most romantic and intimate experience imaginable.

Why the Oregon Coast for couples portraits?!

Embracing the variable weather on the coast is essential, so be prepared for anything! Even cloudy days can be scenic and perfect for a photography session. The weather and tides change rapidly, but be assured I will make sure we consider safety and weather conditions in coordinating your session. Grab some jackets, and umbrella, and be prepared for a potentially wet and exciting photography experience. 

What are weather considerations for my Oregon Coast session?

Be prepared for any weather for an Oregon Coast session! Make sure to bring an extra set of comfortable walking shoes if we head to the sand or on a short hike to the ideal location. Bringing a blanket and extra jacket just in case the wind picks up or we take a break from photos will help you remain comfortable. Dressing comfortably and choosing an activity you enjoy makes for the best candid, relaxed, and unique photography experience.

What does a lifestyle photography session on the Oregon Coast look like?


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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
– Dorothea Lange